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New Grant Initiative


The Brown County Community Foundation is dedicating up to $50,000 to fund one or two community impact grants in the areas of education, the environment or health and wellness.   The purpose of this new initiative is to identify and support innovative and transformative solutions to issues identified in Brown County 2020: A Vision for the Future (available on the BCCF web site).

The Brown County Community Foundation’s (BCCF) mission is to be a collaborative leader for positive impact in the Brown County Community by building on the spirit of philanthropy.  It builds successful partnerships through effective grant making and by working together with other organizations to leverage funds to make a larger and more positive impact in our community.  The new impact grant program aims to encourage local not for profits to think imaginatively about how they might partner with the BCCF to reach more beneficiaries and/or achieve wider and stronger results.

The BCCF Request for Proposal (RFP) document is available via email upon request or a hard copy version can be picked up at the BCCF office.  The BCCF office is located at 91 West Mound Street, Nashville, Indiana.  This RFP will represent the requirements and deadlines for an open and competitive process.  Eligible organizations must be not for profit and have an organizational structure in Brown County.  Grant terms and conditions will be negotiated upon selection of the winning bidder(s) and are subject to review by the BCCF Board of Trustees. 

 The BCCF will additionally host an informational meeting, open to the public, to answer questions regarding the RFP on August 18 at the Brown County Public Library from 6:00 to 7:30. 

The deadline for the complete proposal will be October 31 and the winning bidder(s) will be announced in early December.  It is anticipated that the proposal(s) will be successfully completed within 12 months.  Please email all questions or requests for the RFP document to

Request for Proposal Document 

A Strategic Renewal of the Brown County Vision 2020


Check out the Strategic Renewal of the Brown County Vision 2020 document.

Vision 2020 Revised August 2014.pdf

Fabulous 50 Report


Thank you Besty Lease for all your work pulling these Fabulous Women together!!

Report of Giveaway Meeting, January 17, 2014

The Brown County Y, sponsoring Access Brown County, was the winner of  $9,000.00 awarded to them by the Fabulous 50, Women’s Giving Circle.  And this year the gift will be matched by Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT).  This means that $18,000.00 will be added to the Access budget bringing Access to its target of providing the service levels of 2012 despite higher transportation costs.  Access provides transportation by appointment to Brown County citizens to doctor’s appointments, to and from work, to buy groceries, etc.  In addition, it also has the capability to connect with Columbus and Bloomington transportation for an appointment at the hospital, for example.

There were three contenders for the 2013 gift, drawn at random from recommendations submitted by members of the Fabulous 50.  These final contenders were the Brown County Y who, for this particular drawing, made a pitch for Access Brown County as one of the programs they offer our community, the Brown County Girl Scouts, and the Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF) Sustainability Fund.  Kim Robinson spoke on behalf the Y/Access Brown County, Bonnie Closey for the Brown County Girls Scouts, and Letty Newkirk for the Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF) Sustainability Fund.  Each presented explanations of why she was recommending the money go to her charity choice.  A vote was taken of members in attendance at the event.  Great questions from the audience regarding qualifications and capabilities of the charities assisted in the decision making process.

In addition to the award that goes directly to the Brown County Y/Access Brown County, $1,000.00 goes to BCCF for its sustainability endowment.  This “fabulous” group understands the importance of having a sustained philanthropic organization within the local community.

The Fabulous 50 group will meet with their winning grantee sometime in the spring or early summer to get a full report of how the money has benefited the people of our County.

Chateau Winery Manager, Bob Smerdel, was recognized for graciously giving meeting space to the Fabulous 50 for this first giveaway event.

All members were asked to try and find one additional member to join the Circle for 2014.  The same giving request applies to new and returning members:  please send your $200.00 donation to the Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF) with Fabulous 50 written in the memo line.  The address for BCCF is P.O. Box 191. The money can be received in $50.00 quarterly increments or all at one time.  All donations are tax deductible.

Including the three charities that were chosen for 2013 consideration, below is a list of the worthy recommendations from the Fabulous 50.  If there is a number behind the charity it indicates the number of recommendations submitted for this first year of giving.  For example, Kim Robinson was not the only one suggesting Access Brown County; there were five (5) others who wanted Access to be the charity of choice for 2013.  The full list of charity recommendations are in alphabetical order.

Access Brown County (6)

Elder Heart Sculpture, Nashville Arts & Entertainment District (2)

Beta Teen Center

Brown County Art Gallery Expansion Fund (3)

Brown County Career Resource Center

Brown County Community Foundation Sustainability Fund (2)

Brown County Girl Scouts

Brown County Habitat for Humanity Rehab Program (2)

Brown County Historical Center Building Fund (6)

Brown County Humane Society (4)

Brown County Literacy Coalition (3)

Brown County Playhouse (3)

Brown County Sheriff’s Reserve

Friends of the Brown County Public Library

Friends of the Brown County State Park

John P. Craine House

Mother’s Cupboard

St. Vincent de Paul

Salt Creek Trail

Salvation Army

T. C. Steele Historic Site

In addition, we wish to report two “fabulous” little stories of the evening. 

(1) Bonnie Closey informed us that she came out a winner for the evening even though her charity will not be receiving the money.  She was able to find two Fabulous 50 ladies who were interested in volunteer work with the Girls Scouts.  Bonnie considers that invaluable.

(2) Tess Kean’s husband, Chris Stouder, asked if he could join the Fabulous 50.  He sent in a check, asking to be a member, hinting that we might be sexist.  The group found him “fabulous,” immediately accepted his donation, and named him a magnanimous man.  Thank you very much, Chris.

- - - - - - - - - -

The following ladies are charter members.

Anderson, Kathy
Anderson, Teresa
Bartels, Patricia
Bell, Carol
Boardman, Shirley
Bowman, Barbara
Callahan, Ann
Cantrell, Diane
Closey, Bonnie
Dale, Cindy Orbaugh
Day, Marylin
DeBock, Marcia
Emmert, Carolyn
Flinn, Fenella
Johnson, Jenny
Kean, Tess
Kean, Davie
Kramer, Janet
Laros, Jaydene
Lawrence, Karen Bryant
Lease, Betsy Voss
Lindenlaub, Peg
Lloyd, Pat
Martin, Catherine
McQueary, Linda
Moore, Mary Beth
Newkirk, Letty
O’Hara, Karen
Ormiston, Donna
Paarlberg, Kimberly
Perry, Rachel
Pockevich, Connie
Rees, Collie
Richardson, Kathryn
Roberts, Kathy
Robinson, Kim
Routh, Carol
Rozzi, Joann
Simon, Rita
Stewart, Judy
Swigert, Jan
Tackett, Donna
Three Hawks, Susan
Todd, Linda
Two Great Minds Marketing & Design LLC
Weatherford, Jane
Welty, Linda
Winn, Julie
Wright, Joan
Young, Brenda

Thank you to all 50 ladies of the Fabulous 50!

Submitted by Betsy Lease

Download Your File Here

2014 Board of Trustees Applications Available


“To hold and encourage the building of Legacy” This is the mission statement of your Brown County Community Foundation (BCCF). If you believe in the future of Brown County, please apply to be a candidate for the 2014 Board of Trustees. Guidelines include but are not limited to the following: community involvement, BCCF committee involvement, leadership evidence, commitment of time and financial support of BCCF.

The BCCF is a nonprofit enterprise that seeks to provide the mechanism through which those who desire to help others can carry out their philanthropic goals for the community. The 12 member elected board of trustees oversees the activities of the foundation; including stewardship of charitable gifts received and endowed funds established.

Interested candidates can download an expression of interest application or  call Larry Pejeau at the foundation office at 988-4882.    

Expression Of Interest Form

Congratulations We the People! Help them defend their Title.


Congratulations Brown County Junior High School 2013 State Champion We the People team!!!  Let's help them get  to the national competition  in Washington DC.  They need to raise $35,000 so that their entire team can go to Nationals.  

To make a contribution to this challenge please mail checks, made out to We the People, to Brown County Junior High School, P.O. Box 578, Nashville, Indiana, 47448.
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Brown County Wish List
The Brown County Community Foundation provides this Community Wishlist for local nonprofit organizations that have needs or have items to give away.  If you have an item that you need, or are able to donate, please visit our Wish List Page and fill out the appropriate form.

Below is our listing of Needed items and items being Given Away.
No Items Are Currently Needed
No Items are currently being given away.